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A Metro Rail Transit (MRT-3) train derails as it went past its barrier at the terminal's Taft station Wednesday, August 13,

The incident injures several passengers causes a post to fall over a car.

The story spreads like a wildfire. It was a panic day.

Abaya's comment "Riding is a personal decision. I won't go on my way to convince peope to ride the MRT." irks a lot of riders. For many people, this comment is a little bit of insult.

Who's to blame? It was not the driver's fault but the POOR MAINTENANCE of the MRT3 which is managed DOTC via Secretary Abaya of the Philippines government.

The MRT3 was built on budget and on schedule And it was fully accepted by foreign experts and the Philippine government in 2000 but somebody made a  hocus focus the reason why MRT3 is mismanaged.

The trains operated with no major accidents for 12 years under Sumimoto maintenance.

Sumimoto and Mitsubishi continually upgraded maintenance procedures.

All major accidents happened only in the last 2 years under the PHTRAMS-Vitangcol-linked maintenance groups.

The good guy is MRTC; the bad is DOTC.

MRTC warned the need to bid out the maintenance contract as early as 2 years before the change to PHTRAMS-Vitangcol.

DOTC ignored the warning until 10 days before expiry of the contract. This resulted to the loophole of an emergency situation, resulting to the appointment of the PHTRAMS-Vitangcol group.

PHTRAMS has less than 5000 pesos in total capitalization but received a contract over over 45M pesos per month.

Before, Metro Pacific (a unit of PLDT) has offered DOTC/government to shoulder all costs including buying new trains and maintaining them because the trains purchased by government are unsafe.

Chinese contractor appointed has 0 experience in the construction of light rail vehicles.

Train specification and build are missing key safety components necessary to ensure the safety of the riding public.

MRTC believes that the untested and incompatible trains may cause damage to the assets of MRT3 and further cause inconvenience to the public.

In return of the proposal, Metro Pacific shall increase the public fares of MRT3 (but still cheaper than bus fares) and Metro Pacific will have both gains/losses from the train operations to make them recover their investment in the long run. Government/DOTC did not respond at all.

Only logical reason is they want to use public money instead of considering superior, free alternatives championed by MRTC.

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